Feb 18 / 2008

RBC Center Increases Recycling Efforts

Recycling Benefits Our Community

Dan McGowan, Operations Manager for the RBC Center, today announced that the RBC Center has enhanced their recycling program. The arena has been recycling since opening its doors in 1999; however, after switching from fountain product to plastic bottles last year there was a need to improve the program.

The RBC Center sold an average of 3,000 – 5,000 recyclable containers per event last year. In early 2007 the RBC Center received a Wake County Commercial Waste Reduction Grant and immediately began to increase recycling efforts. An additional compactor (solely used for recyclable materials) and 60 recycling bins were purchased. The total points of disposal in the building now exceed 100.

“As a community partner and because we care about the environment, we value the success of this program,” said McGowan. “In working with Waste Management to track our progress, we hope to reduce our landfill waste by 40% weight.”

In another effort to get involved by making environmentally conscious decisions, the RBC Center has also introduced a corn based cup to replace some of the plastic cups used throughout the arena. Although the cup difference is interchangeable with the petroleum based plastic cup; the new cup is 100% biodegradable.

The RBC Center plans to continue researching future initiatives to ensure efforts are made to better the environment and our community.