Buyer Beware

The ONLY authorized sales agents for PNC Arena tickets are the PNC Arena Ticket Office presented by Ticketmaster,, and The ONLY authorized ticket resale service for PNC Arena is Ticketmaster Verified Tickets.

Tickets purchased from any other sources may not be valid. PNC Arena is not able to honor, replace or refund invalid tickets. Invalid tickets must be confiscated by PNC Arena and a copy of the tickets will be provided at the customer’s request. The copy of the invalid tickets may be used to alert the point of purchase.

When appliciable, is the only ticket resale service that is able to authenticate that a PNC Arena ticket is valid. Other resellers may offer money-back guarantees, but they are unable to guarantee entry to an event as they are not able to validate that a ticket or seat location is authentic.

Have you purchased tickets from a third-party website before the tickets have gone on sale? Speculative ticketing sells fake tickets to fans - unofficial sellers list tickets for sale even though they actually do not have those tickets. They are betting that they will be able to get those tickets and then resell to fans. Learn how to identify and avoid fake "speculative" tickets.

Customers with invalid tickets are welcome to purchase additional tickets - seating location and price is based upon availability.

Have you been scammed by a scalper? Know your rights in North Carolina.

Consumers should report fraudulent ticket sales to the point of purchase and consumer protection agencies.