PNC Arena Rideshare

Heading our way? PNC Arena Rideshare offers convenient, one-stop drop-off and pick-up location across the main roadway from VIP Parking, next to Townebank Center at Carter-Finley Stadium. The Rideshare program is available for all Arena events.

Drop-offs and pick-ups will enter via Gate C (Trinity Road) and proceed along Carter Finley Roadway to the Gate C drop-off location. Guests should then take the stairs down to the sidewalk and up to PNC Arena. Drivers should NOT turn into any gate or parking lot, except Gate C. Alert parking staff immediately upon entering the property so that you can be directed to the Gate C rideshare location from Trinity Rd.

Taxi Service

Taxi Pick-Up & Drop-Off Zone at PNC Arena is located just outside the VIP Entrance. Taxis will be made available on a first-come, first-serve basis at the conclusion of each event.

Should any guest need to call for a taxi prior to the event end, the Security Representative located at the VIP Entrance will be more than happy to assist.

GoRaleigh Bus Service

GoRaleigh's Route 26 Bus stops across from PNC Arena and services Crabtree Valley Mall, Laurel Hills Park, Olde Raleigh Village Shopping Center, and Trinity Corporate Park.

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RDU Airport

PNC Arena is approximately a 10-15 minute drive from Raleigh-Durham International Airport (depending on traffic) but is easily accessed using I-40. For more information visit the airport’s website or call 919.840.2100.

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Camping Accommodations

Located across the street from PNC Arena, the N.C. State Fairgrounds offers convenient camping amenities. There are over 350 full-service sites currently offered on Fairground property.

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