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Please find a list of the most commonly asked questions below.

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Rules and Regulations

What can I bring to a PNC Arena event? What are the rules?
Guest comfort and security at our events are of the utmost importance to the management of the PNC Arena. View the complete list of policies currently in place at PNC Arena.


When/where can I ask for a Hurricanes player autograph?
Due to the demand of the team and schedule timelines, autographs will not be permitted during training camp, or any pre-game skate while inside PNC Arena.

Please DO NOT bring items into PNC Arena to be autographed during these practices.

It is recommended to request autographs at a home team practice as the players exit the back gates. Please visit CarolinaHurricanes.com for a complete practice schedule.

Credit Cards

Are credit cards accepted?
Visa, Mastercard, and American Express, as well as Apple and Google Pay are accepted at the all Concession Areas, Arena Club Restaurant, Ticket Office presented by Ticketmaster, all locations of The Eye, and for In-Seat Service on the Club Level. PNC Arena is now a cashless facility. 

Backstage Passes

How do I obtain a backstage pass for an upcoming concert?
Backstage passes are not available for sale as they are very limited in number. Passes are usually only provided by artist management or fan clubs to select recipients. On occasion, local radio stations will also hold contests in which listeners can win backstage passes for upcoming shows.

PNC Arena personnel cannot give or sell backstage passes and are prohibited from giving out any tour personnel information.

Birthday & Celebration Announcements

How do I have a birthday or celebration announced at a Hurricanes game?
All birthday or celebration announcements are arranged through the Hurricanes’ Mascot Coordinator. Please visit the Hurricanes In-Game Messages page to book your greeting today.

Announcement space is limited and arrangements should be made well in advance. Generally, birthday greetings are not done at other events.

To make a request for NC State basketball games, please visit GoPack.com.


Children under the age of 16 years are encouraged to be accompanied by an adult. A quiet room is offered during select events for parent/guardians choosing to not attend with their child.

Closest Airport

How far is PNC Arena from RDU International airport?
PNC Arena is approximately a 10-15 minute drive from Raleigh-Durham International Airport (depending on traffic) but is easily accessed using I-40. Travel I-40 East to exit 289, Wade Avenue and take first exit Edwards Mill Rd.

Designated Driver Station

What is the Budweiser Good Sport Program?
Budweiser Good Sport Program is designed to encourage fans to drink responsibly while attending a Carolina Hurricanes game and other designated PNC Arena evens (ie. most concerts). When available, the Good Sport Designated Driver Station is located in section 127, across from the Guest Services. Guests wishing to participate in the program can sign up at the booth and receive a complimentary non-alcoholic beverage.

Donation Requests

Does PNC Arena donate tickets or other items to charity?
Requests for tickets or other items should be made in writing on official charitable or non-profit organization letterhead to PNC Arena. Letters are then forwarded to the promoter for the specific show requested.

PNC Arena
Guest Services | Donation Request
1400 Edwards Mill Road, Raleigh, NC 27607

For donations of Hurricanes items, requests are processed through the Hurricanes Community Relations Department.

Drop Off

Can I drop of someone for an event?

Those wishing to drop off ticketed guests,* but not stay for the event can follow our convenient, one-stop drop-off and pick-up location route across the main roadway from VIP Parking, next to Townebank Center at Carter-Finley Stadium. The Rideshare program is available for all Arena events.

Drop-offs and pick-ups will enter via Gate C (Trinity Road) and proceed along Carter Finley Roadway to the Gate C drop-off location. Guests should then take the stairs down to the sidewalk and up to PNC Arena. Drivers should NOT turn into any gate or parking lot, except Gate C. Alert parking staff immediately upon entering the property so that you can be directed to the Gate C rideshare location from Trinity Rd. To avoid delays and for easiest access, please arrive one hour before the end of the event. 

*Children under the age of 16 years are encouraged to be accompanied by an adult.

Electronic Devices

Can I bring my iPad, eReader, Nintendo or other electronic device for entertainment to an event?
Electronic devices will be permitted on a conditional basis.

Electronic devices are permitted for personal use only during Carolina Hurricanes and NC State Men’s Basketball games. They are prohibited for concerts, and the policy for all other events will be determined by the respective promoter. Please be prepared to return your device to your car if it is not permitted.

When approved, iPads, iPods, tablets, eReaders and handheld video game devices are allowed, based on conditional usage.

  • May not interfere with the event enjoyment of other guests
  • May not block the view of other guests
  • May not impede other guests from entering and exiting the seating area
  • May not be held above face level
  • May not be used to video or audio record the event, nor interfere or violate the rights and privacy of others

Electronic devices are being allowed solely for personal entertainment or to conduct business by the holder of the device, and not for the purpose of enhancing the event for other guests. The sound and light from the device must be kept at a minimum and turned off during the National Anthem, periods of darkness or other appropriate times and circumstances.

Guests who are allowed to bring in electronic devices do so at their own risk and accept personal responsibility for its safeguard and injuries that could occur as a result of this device. User/Owner acknowledges that such devices can be accidentally or otherwise damaged. PNC Arena will not be held liable and will not pay for the replacement, repair and other costs associated with any damage or loss of such devices.

PNC Arena management reserves the right to revise the terms of acceptable devices and use at any time. Violation of this Access and Conditional Usage Policy subjects the user/owner to ejection and the possibility of being trespassed from the venue.

Flags in the Arena

Why do the flags in the arena bowl (USA, Canada, North Carolina) appear to be hanging backwards?
According to US Code, the following applies to the interior of the building:

When the flag is suspended across a corridor or lobby in a building with only one main entrance, it should be suspended vertically with the union of the flag to the observer’s left upon entering. If the building has more than one main entrance, the flag should be suspended vertically near the center of the corridor or lobby with the union to the north, when entrances are to the east and west or to the east when entrances are to the north and south. If there are entrances in more than two directions, the union should be to the east.

For more information, the Flag Code contains interesting information regarding the display and use of flags by civilians and conduct when the National Anthem is performed.

Food & Beverage Options

What food vendors are found at PNC Arena?
PNC Arena provides a wide variety of options to cover every appetite. From casual to fine dining, please visit the food and beverage page.

What if I'm celebrating a special occasion?
PNC Arena does not permit any outside food & beverage. VAB Catering is the exclusive food service provider of PNC Arena. If you are celebrating a special occasion, please contact our Director of Catering at 919-861-6102 or by email to assist.

Gift Cards

How can I purchase a gift card? Where can I use it?
Gift Cards are available for purchase at the Ticket Office presented by Ticketmaster. The card is available at any box office window and at the advanced ticket window during public hours of arena events.

For detailed information, including redeemable locations, please visit our Gift Cards page. 

General Admissions (GA) Tickets

I purchased tickets for a concert that are marked "General Admission." What does that mean?
General Admission means that there are no assigned seats and seating is obtained on a first-come, first-serve basis. Doors open for most events one hour prior to the scheduled start time, at which time guests can enter the building and chose their seat.

GA Tickets marked "Floor" are for the standing room area on the open floor.


Do you have suggested hotels?

  1. Hampton Inn & Suites-Raleigh/Cary, 800.HAMPTON / 919.233.1798 - 111 Hampton Woods Lane, Raleigh, NC 27607: Also located directly off of I-40 and only a few minutes drive to the Arena.
  2. Hilton Garden Inn - 1-919-703-2525 - 3912 Arrow Drive, Raleigh, North Carolina, 27612. Located off of I-440 and US 70, next to Crabtree Valley Mall, and a few minutes drive to the Arena.

View more local area hotels on VisitRaleigh.com.

Kid Check

What is the Kid Check?
If a child registered in the program becomes separated from a parent or guardian while at a PNC Arena event, the Kid Check wristband and registration information will be used to help reunite the child with the parent or guardian that accompanied them to the PNC Arena. Registration for the Kid Check is quick, simple, and free.

  • Guardians register the child for the program at Guest Services located on the main concourse at section 127.
  • Registration will consist of having a guardian provide their name, the child’s name, seat locations of the guardian and child and a contact phone number for the parent or guardian. PNC Arena Guest Services Representative will provide a numbered wristband for the child to wear.
  • If a child wearing a Kid Check wristband becomes separated from their parent or guardian and is located by PNC Arena staff, they will be escorted to Guest Services.
  • The information collected at registration will assist PNC Arena Guest Services staff in attempting to reunite the child and guardian.
  • The Kid Check program is also available to our guests with special needs.
  • The information provided on the Kid Check registration form is solely used for effective management of the Kid Check program and is never released to third parties.

Lost & Found

How can I check to see if my lost item was found?
During an event, Lost & Found is located at Guest Services behind Section 127. Inquiries about lost items can also be made by calling 919.861.2300 ext. 2102 the following business day. Messages left at this extension will be returned by a member of the PNC Arena Security Department.


When and where can I purchase team and event merchandise?
Official Carolina Hurricanes merchandise is available at multiple The Eye store locations throughout the PNC Arena. For non-event hours, The Eye is located on the south end of the building, across from Carter Finley Stadium, and is accessible through an exterior entrance. Please visit CarolinaHurricanes.com for special offers and seasonal hours of operation.

NC State and touring event merchandise is sold at kiosks located around the PNC Arena concourse during respective event hours only.


What is the cost of parking? Is RV overnight parking allowed?

NC State Basketball Parking: Parkwhiz  Prepay Price / Day-of Onsite Price 

  • Cars and Vans General Parking: $15 / $20
  • Limousines, buses, mini-buses, RVs: $35 / $40
  • Lots open 2.5 hours prior to tip-off.

Carolina Hurricanes Parking: Parkwhiz  Prepay Price / Day-of Onsite Price

  • Cars and Vans General Parking: $25 / $40
  • Limousines, buses, mini-buses, RVs: $70 / $80
  • Lots open 3 hours prior to game.

All Other Event Parking: Parkwhiz  Prepay Price / Day-of Onsite Price

Lots open 2.5 hours prior to the most events. Please visit the event page for specific pricing.

  • Cars and Vans General Parking: $25-$30 / $40
  • Limousine, Bus, Mini-Bus, and RV's: $70/ $80
  • Premier Parking - pre-purchase at ParkWhiz.com only.

Parking fees can be paid with credit card, or Android or Apple Pay. Mobile parking passes may be pre-purchased prior to the day of the event at ParkWhiz.com.

There is an area for RV parking, but there are no hook-ups; only parking spots. There is NO overnight parking.

Printed Tickets

Printed tickets are NOT accepted for events at PNC Arena. For most events, tickets must be Mobile Entry or traditional hard stock for admission. Some events may be Mobile Only. For mobile tickets, please display the barcode on your smartphone as it will be scanned for entry. Be sure to have a fully charged battery. Copies of barcodes presented by printouts will not be accepted. Any screenshots or third-party application barcodes cannot be verified as valid by the PNC Arena until presented at entry doors.

Quiet Room

Is there an area that I can wait for my child that is attending an event?
PNC Arena’s Quiet Room is provided for parents or accompanying adults during select concerts and events that attract a younger audience. While each car must pay to park, the Quiet Room is available free of charge. A ticket for the event is only required for the individual attending the event. Televisions are available, but parents are encouraged to bring books, laptops, and other items to pass the time. Please enter through the VIP entrance to check-in and receive a wristband.

We request that you contact Guest Services in advance to inquire if the Quiet Room is scheduled to be open.

Sensory Inclusion

In partnership with KultureCity, PNC Arena is working to provide an inclusive and seamless experience for all guests.

For guests with sensory processing needs, the following resources and accommodations are available.

  • Sensory BagsWeighted Lap Pads, and Photosensitivity Glasses: Available for guests to check-out at Guest Services (Section 127) at no cost. Bags include a special badge for guest recognition, fidget tools, noise-canceling headphones and other resources.
  • Quiet Area: Upon request, guests will be escorted to a designated room for those that may become overstimulated during an event. Please reach out to any Event Services representative, or stop by Guest Services (Section 127) for assistance.


Is smoking permitted?
PNC Arena is a smoke and tobacco-free facility; including electronic cigarettes. Smoking areas are no longer available outside the arena. 

Sound Levels

Why does the music at games sometimes sound loud and sometimes sound normal?
Music played in PNC Arena during hockey and basketball games is monitored by a sound meter. Sound levels vary due to the shape and design of the building; on average, levels are about 10 decibels higher on the Upper Level than they are on the Club or Lower levels.

Sound levels are monitored throughout all games to ensure adequate quality and volume for all guests. Guests with sensitive ears may find they are more comfortable with seats in the Lower Level for most sporting events.

Ticket Purchasing Locations

How and where do I purchase tickets for PNC Arena events?
Tickets are available at Ticketmaster.com. Tickets for select events are also available at the PNC Arena Ticket Office presented by Ticketmaster.

Temperature at Hockey Games

How cold is it in the PNC Arena and what should I wear to hockey games?
During hockey games, a building temperature of 63 degrees (F) is maintained to keep a suitable ice surface for play. For other events where the ice is covered with an insulated sub-floor, building temperature is usually 68-70 degrees.

Many hockey fans have found the best manner of dress to be layered clothing.

Parking - Accessible

A mobile parking pass is required for guests needing Accessible Parking - there is not a specific ADA pass to purchase. Simply purchase general parking, enter the property with your hangtag or placard displayed, and parking attendants will direct you to the approporiate areas.