Looking for a fun and exciting fundraising opportunity? Volunteering at PNC Arena is a great way for nonprofit groups to raise money while being right in the action! Local nonprofit organizations have earned millions of dollars since the program's inception.

**All spots have been filled for the 2023-24 season**

We hope that you take advantage of this exciting work environment that will return revenues to the community and provide a flexible volunteer schedule for your nonprofit group.

Typical nonprofit groups involved with PNC Arena include high school booster clubs, swim teams, civic organizations, churches and any other nonprofit organization that retains a 501(C)3 status.

Every group has its own method of enticing people to volunteer, but most rely on members, parents and friends to sell candy and have bake sales to raise funds. Volunteers generally agree that giving of their time at these events is an easier and more dependable way to earn a significant amount of money than traditional car washes or raffle ticket sales.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Staffing a stand can range from a minimum of 4 to 7 volunteers.
  • Staffing carts which are Dippin’ Dots Ice Cream/Blue Bell Ice Cream/Gourmet Pretzel/Sinfully Sinnamon carts can range from 1 to 3 people.
  • Please contact the volunteer group coordinator for the status of availability for our program.

Age Requirements

  • Group members must be at least 16 years of age to volunteer to work events
  • Group members must be at least 21 years of age to ID and serve alcohol

General Terms

  • The contract will be for a season 
    **Not accepting applications at this time. All spots have been filled**
  • Proof of 501(C)3 status is required.
  • Proof of Commercial General Liability Insurance is required.
  • Program options are available, depending on your organizational size.
  • The minimum commission is 10% on food and 7% on beer.
  • The commission will increase to 11% on food and 8% on beer after completion of your thirtieth (30) event worked.
  • Event bonuses are offered upon completion for many of the program events.
  • Hockey and NC State basketball carry guarantee minimums.
  • Volunteers work 4 to 5 hours per event, group leaders will work 5 to 6 hours per event. Each group must provide their own uniform and wear black pants and black or dark shoes. Strict uniform policy is in effect.
  • Your group is provided signs to let each patron who visits your stand or cart know your organization is serving them.
  • A stand leader and cooks will be provided at all of the big concession stand to assist with cooking and inventory management.
  • You will receive information from us via email for easier communication.
  • A bonus may be offered to any volunteer group that can successfully pick up a stand or cart within the 48-hour period that another volunteer group has cancelled on.

For more information, please contact the Group Coordinator.

Volunteer Testimonials

Many groups throughout the Triangle have made money for their worthy causes while having fun along the way.

The Marlins of Raleigh (MOR) Swim Team has throughly enjoyed our relationship with PNC Arena for over eight years. Some of MOR's volunteers have been involved with concessions since the Arena opened and many return to volunteer every year. The Arena program has helped increase MOR's public profile; at nearly every event, someone will see our aprons and visors and ask, "What is MOR?" Our share of concession sales each season helps to lower the costs to swim for many team families, while raising additional funds for our team. Our club's concessions stand leaders enjoy working with the VAB Catering staff who do an amazing job to coordinate all of the volunteer organizations and ensure a fun, profitable experience. MOR families are very proud to be involved and enjoy feeling a part of serving the community and Arena guests!

Marlins of Raleigh Swim Team

When our son first joined the band, we were trying to figure out how we could afford the costs associated with his participation. Parents assured us we could raise the necessary money and the easiest way was to work our concession stand at PNC Arena. It was was so easy and actually FUN! It is great way to meet and get to know other parents in the organization; the customers are always lively and energetic. They are there to have fun and make the time spent working very pleasurable. Best of all, this fun is rewarded by not only helping us pay off our band account, but we can continue to work towards the next season. PNC Arena has been invaluably beneficial to our organization as whole, and to the individual families who utilize this resource! I am forever grateful for the opportunities given to us and other non-profit groups!

West Johnston HS Band Boosters

The PNC Arena Volunteer Group program has been a blessing to our organization. By volunteering at events, the TAC Titans swim team parents are able to help pay their monthly dues, as well as fees for swim meets. This allows children to continue to develop a life-saving skill which keeps them fit and healthy while they do something they love. The benefits to our team are both financial and intangible: last year our families earned many thousands of dollars in credits! Our team has been able to purchase supplies and help maintain operations for our pool space. In addition, being a cook or selling refreshments together provides a unique chance for our parents to bond and become friends, which only promotes our team's sense of unity.

TAC Titan