Oct 15 / 2008

What's all the buzz about Walking With Dinosaurs-The Live Experience

NEW!!!  We received WONDERFUL reviews from folks that attended each performance.

15 Life Sized animatronic dinosaurs will roam the RBC Center Oct. 22-26 in the biggest act Raleigh has ever seen!

What is Walking With Dinosaurs- The Live Experience?

Walking With Dinosaurs- The Live Experience is a 90 minute theatrical production based on the BBC Series “Walking With Dinosaurs.” The performance features 15 life sized animatronic dinosaurs which move and sound real. The show is narrated by a ‘paleontologist’ who takes you through the 200 million year journey.

Just how BIG are the dinosaurs?

The tallest dinosaur in the show is the adult Brachiosaurs, measuring 36ft tall x 56ft long, followed by the Tyrannosaurus Rex who stand 23ft tall x 42ft long.

How much are the tickets?
Tickets are $32.50, $45.00, $69.50 and are available for ALL performances. PLUS with each ticket purchased you will receive a complimentary admission voucher for the 2008 N.C. State Fair which may be used any time between Oct. 16-26. 

What age is appropriate for this show?

The show is recommended for ages 3 to 93! The show has been carefully written and produced for the entire family, and there is no violence. The show has been produced however to provide a fair amount of realism - so to simulate earthquakes, volcanoes and comets impacting the earth, along with the primal roars of the dinosaurs. visit www.dinosaurlive.com for more on the show and FAQs.

Check out a clip of the show.

NEW!!! Check out this clip of the Baby T-Rex who greeted some local children at the RBC Center on Tuesday, October 21 HERE